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Why it's a good idea to get advice from a design consultant

Everyone is an expert at something. We are sure you have expertise in areas that we don't. We are guessing that your specialty isn't remodeling. If you are considering remodeling, be assured that we at The FloorWorks do have expertise in that area. We offer you the benefit of our skills through design consultation with one of our very talented staff.

Our staff are not only experts on flooring, but also have experience with other design elements. They know which colors will help you achieve the goal you've set. They know which furniture will give you the feeling you want in the room. They also know about size and proportion.

What our design consultants can do for you

  • Flooring - People notice the floor as soon as they walk in the room. It is the foundation of the room. If the floor isn't right, the rest of the room won't be right. Would you prefer carpet, hardwood flooring, or another choice? Which suits your room better? At the design consultation, our staff will walk you through this process and help you make this decision.

  • Color - During your design consultation, our staff will talk to you about the colors you like and how they will fit into the room. Often the customer will choose a color that is pretty on a small card but is overwhelming on the wall. One of our staff will help you with that also. We at The FloorWorks want you to be happy with the color you choose.

  • Furniture - The right furniture will set the mood for your room. If it is too formal, guests won't feel relaxed and at ease in the room. Too informal can be a little difficult to decorate. The wrong style of furniture will ruin the picture you are trying to create.

  • Size and proportion - Have you ever visited a room and the furniture looked like it belonged somewhere else? It just didn't seem to fit. Size and proportion are difficult concepts for customers. But there is no reason to worry. The staff at The FloorWorks know the right scale of furniture for the room
Design Consultation in Bethlehem, NH area from The FloorWorks
The FloorWorks began 39 years ago right here in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. At that time we were called The House of Carpets. Through all these years, we have known that the design consultation was one of the most important and productive parts of the remodeling project. We are proud to be able to employ some of the most talented staff in Bethlehem. Their knowledge and expertise make the remodeling project go more smoothly.

For a free design consultation with one of our staff, call (603) 869-5880 or complete the form online and we will contact you. Our designers are patient, knowledgeable, skilled, and know-how to guide you into the decision. Allow them to guide you to the room of your dreams.
So let us help you with your design today!