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With all its visual and practical assets, carpet is a wonderful design medium that can bring so much of your personal sense of style to any decor. Choose from our wonderful collection of berbers, sisals, saxonies, and patterned designs. You'll find a wealth of colors ... lively reds, restful greens, soothing blues, as well as a variety of soft and durable fibers and textures.

Area rugs & runners

Area rugs are a great companion for your permanent flooring, including hardwood, laminate, and tile. They can transform any space beautifully, easily and instantly. Take a look around. Imagine your furniture grouping, traffic flow and mood you want to create. Round. Square. Octagon. Runners. Large or small. What’s unique about area rugs is that they’re so different and so easy to decorate with. Like any good companion, an area rug can set the tone of the room, create interest, and tie your room together. Custom area rugs can also be made from any of our carpet selections.

Indoor / outdoor carpet

Thinking about expanding your decorating outside? From poolside to patio, indoor/outdoor products reflect many of the latest trends in carpet styling, featuring eye-catching, and textured patterns to beautiful synthetic turf. Perfect for docks, pools, garages, porches and hot tub areas, indoor/outdoor carpet offers resistance to extreme weather conditions, such as areas subject to prolonged sunlight and are designed for the most energetic outside lifestyles. The perfect foundation and finishing touch for all your outdoor spaces

Commercial carpet

We’ve got you covered with the newest styling in today's most popular colors and patterns that can be applied essentially anywhere carpet is used. With maximum resiliency, colorfastness, and durability, these carpets are engineered to stand the test of time, with features specifically designed for high traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals, offices, retail stores, and ski areas.

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